Inclusion is personalized

Inclusion is personalized


Hryhorii Vasianovych




Denys Ohonochenko

B20 Inclusion is personalistic: a study guide (for social pedagogues,
social workers, teachers, students of higher education institutions). - L.: Norma, 2022. - 324 p. with fig.

ISBN 978-966-7775-72-8

This study guide initiated the first attempt at a scientific and artistic approach to understanding the role and place of the spiritual, mental, psychological and physical potential of a person who, under one or another circumstances, found himself in an extreme situation and did not lose faith in his abilities, and realized himself as much as possible. That is why this work has a personalistic character, because it reveals the uniqueness of each individual, his aspirations, demands, needs, motivation in self-discovery and self-affirmation. The main purpose of the book is to convey to the consciousness of every individual that under any extreme circumstances he should not lose the power of the Spirit and is capable of being a full-fledged member of society. In the focus of the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights", "Declaration of the Rights of the Child", "Convention on the Rights of Children with Disabilities" (2006), the Law of Ukraine "On Education" regarding the features of access of persons with special educational needs to educational services" (2017) , Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine "On Approval of the Concept of Development of Inclusive Education" (2010), etc. the outlined problem is significantly actualized and requires a comprehensive solution, especially since the number of children with special needs in general secondary education institutions is increasing. The data given in the book about one or another personality are summarized and systematized in eight interrelated sections of the book.