H. Gladyshev. Monograph

H. Gladyshev. Monograph


Г. Гладишев




Denis Ohonochenko

The interaction of the skeletons of buildings and their foundations within the densely built-up area of ​​Lviv

H. Gladyshev

ISBN 978-966-7775-75-9

The monograph is devoted to the analysis of the current state of regulatory documentation on the order of preparation and determination of a significant amount of necessary data for solving structural and technical and other problems that arise in the process of developing and implementing projects for the reconstruction of buildings to ensure their further reliable operation. The results of many years of experience in research and analysis of actual schemes of interaction through the foundations of buildings of various purposes with each other and with the surrounding buildings in the conditions of compacted and dense buildings of the city of Lviv are presented.

For scientific and engineering-technical workers, post-graduate students, masters, higher education specialists who specialize in reconstruction and diagnosis of technical conditions of buildings.